EVE Online is a massively multiplayer online game that involves a vast virtual universe set in space. The game`s players participate as pilots of spaceships, and they mine, trade, fight, and do various other activities to earn their place in the game. One of the essential aspects of EVE Online is the ability to create contracts, which are legally binding agreements between players that dictate the exchange of goods or services. If you`re new to the game, creating a contract may seem daunting, but fear not! This article will guide you through the process of creating a contract in EVE Online.

Step 1: Open the Contracts Window

To access the contract feature in EVE Online, you need to open the Contracts window. You can do this by clicking on the Neocom menu`s Contracts icon or by pressing Alt + E on your keyboard. Once you`ve opened the Contracts window, you can begin creating your contract.

Step 2: Choose the Contract Type

The first step in creating a contract is choosing the contract`s type. You can choose from a range of contract types, including item exchange, courier, auction, loan, and bounty. Each contract type has different requirements and rules, so make sure to choose the correct type for your needs.

Step 3: Fill Out the Contract Details

After you`ve chosen the contract type, you`ll need to fill out the contract details. These details will include the title of the contract, a description of the contract`s terms, and the duration of the contract. You`ll also need to specify how much ISK (the in-game currency) you`re willing to pay or receive for the contract.

Step 4: Add Specific Items or Services

If you`re creating an item exchange contract, you`ll need to specify the exact items you`re willing to trade. You can add specific items to the contract by dragging them from your inventory into the contract window. If you`re creating a courier contract, you`ll need to specify the location of the pick-up and the delivery points. For other contract types, you`ll need to provide additional details specific to the contract type.

Step 5: Review the Contract

Once you`ve filled out all the necessary details, you`ll need to review the contract to ensure that everything is accurate. Check the contract`s title, description, and terms to ensure that they match your intentions. You`ll also need to double-check the prices and any other details related to the contract.

Step 6: Submit the Contract

After reviewing the contract, you can submit it for approval by clicking the Create Contract button. If the contract type requires collateral, you`ll need to provide that collateral before the contract is finalized. Once you`ve submitted the contract, it will be visible to other players in the game`s contract market.

In Conclusion

Creating a contract in EVE Online may seem tricky at first, but it`s a relatively straightforward process once you understand the basics. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create a legal and binding contract with other players in the game. Whether you`re looking to exchange items, provide services, or make loans, the contract feature in EVE Online makes it easy to do so. Happy contracting!